Cum dai de cineva?

Acum ceva vreme mi-am dezactivat contul de fb si chiar zilele astea am stat si m-am intrebat…cum mai dai de cineva acum, daca nu ai numarul de telefon, adresa de mail sau cont pe fb ca sa cauti persoana in cauza?

Si ca sa fiu un pic rautacioasa, cred ca am inceput sa inteleg cum de tineau relatiile atat de mult inainte de Internet (si eventual inainte de telefonul mobil) – stateai si inghiteai ca de, e atat de greu sa dai de cineva, incat daca il paraseai pe cutare exista o mare posibilitate sa ramai singur for the rest of your life.

Momentan nu vreau sa redevin activa in social media, dar am de gasit cativa oameni si by George, e al naibii de greu sa dau de ei. Cred ca mi am ratat cariera. Trebuia sa ma fac detectiv…  sau jurnalist de investigatii.

Daca poate cineva sa ma ajute, astept ideile voastre – you know where to find me :)

5 thoughts on “Cum dai de cineva?

  1. first of all i’ll start by saying hello…haven’t seen you since forever…maybe i’m one of the persons you’re looking for…but i guess not…anyway…

    if you have the persons e-mail just google it because i’m sure it will pop up somewhere (that’s how i found you ;oP), don’t have the mobile phone number just ask common friends (for info) or look for it in an old mobile phone or agenda if you have one (i hope you still have the same mobile number that i have in my phone, maybe i’ll call you), if you know the persons name and area he lives search the online phone book by name and address (it never fails)…

    by now you probably ask yourself: who the f*ck is this guy !!!
    well…i won’t tell but i’ll leave some clues behind:

    1. we go way back (you don’t now me by this nickname but you can find my work on youtube with some music)
    2. my mobile number is 0721.925.*** (i’m not gonna say it ;oP)
    3. last time i saw you was in Hyperion and Time Out (but i haven’t been around there in a long time)

    good luck ;oP

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