The English Post

I heard that being someone’s model can be really tricky. ( But in my case tricky for whom exactly?) Among all the things I do,  I  sometimes teach English. Some time ago I took under my protective pony-wing a 12-year-old girl, who happened to need English lessons. I appeared like Superman and saved the day, wohoo! The best thing about her was that she could be easily influenced… erm, I mean she’s a fast learner. After no more than two classes she got a haircut just like mine, the little brat. But looking back on that it didn’t really bother me much, I think I actually felt a bit of pride. You see, she was a good student, she did her homework each time, asked smart questions and loved reading. Too bad we had to stop the lessons – summer vacation came and then my job didn’t leave me much free time.

I started writing this post two years ago, yes, a long while back and I know I’m guilty of absenteeism on my blogs, gosh I had a lot of things to write about but didn’t. I didn’t want to throw this piece of…something in the trash like I did with many other ‘somethings’. Also, this is my first post in English and my 60th on the SelfishJellyfish. Hurray!

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