1. Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view

Run, run, run! I must run away from all the petting and the scratching and the cuddles and those atrocious hugs!

Let me go, Human, I said let me go! Obey me and you shall live to see another day! Get away with those slinky, long arms and that weird body that lacks fur. It’s discomforting  how you choose to put yourself through torture in order to “clean” yourself – if that’s what you call cleaning – instead of doing it the right way. With just a few licks I’m the cleanest Mino ever. And you still smell awful afterwards.

It’s outrageous how you make me be your roommate, even though you have the most awkward of habits. You don’t even hunt for your food, you just take from that Cold Box. And even make me eat from it.

You dishonor me by not letting me hunt the birds, chirping at our windows. They’re mocking me. Every day I hear their incessant song, them just waiting there, perched, for me to hunt and eat them. And you won’t let me.

Human, you disgust me. Now make me purr.



3 thoughts on “1. Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view

    • m-am inregistrat prin 2011 (nu-mi vine sa cred ca inca mai am mail-urile de atunci in Inbox, traiasca internetul si notificarile automate)… din cate imi amintesc in perioada aceea ai renuntat la profilul tau de facebook si eu incercam sa dau de tine. nu stiu daca intre timp ti-ai redeschis profilul sau daca ti-ai facut altul, nici nu stiu daca mai stii cine sunt, oricum ma gasesti dupa username… have fun with the writing challenge, I’ll be watching and posting if I have something to say ;oP

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